Vacation – Calligraphy with WatercolorOctober 6, 2013

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It’s true in so man2013 10 06 0003 Vacation   Calligraphy with WatercolorHi lovies, I’m leaving to Cancun on Monday until the week after!  I will bring my contax and fuji instax camera so I’ll have photos to share when I return with you lovies. A side note, i’m devoting more time to calligraphy…which makes me super happy. I really enjoy lettering, today I tried lettering with a brush and watercolor. It is very similar to using a pen and a nib, but you have much less control.  I’m thinking about opening an Etsy shop for my hand crafted pieces, and maybe offering some hand drawn holiday cards?? Exciting! For now it’s for my sanity and enjoyment but soon I’ll be sharing my little pieces with you all.  Happy Sunday! See you after my vacation .

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Happy Calligraphy FridayMarch 22, 2013

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2013 03 22 0001 Happy Calligraphy Friday
2013 03 22 0004 Happy Calligraphy Friday
2013 03 22 0002 Happy Calligraphy Friday
2013 03 22 0005 Happy Calligraphy Friday
2013 03 22 0006 Happy Calligraphy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! My calligraphy items came today from Paper ink Art  ! It’s a little daunting to figure out what nibs, holders, and ink to use. So I though I’d make this little “good to know” to introduce the basics.

There are tons of products out there, but with a little research and recommendations from a few experts I decided to get the following:

1. Nibs;  Zebra G-1Brause Steno , Nikko G-1, Hiro 41-2, and Brause Rose

2. Inks; Winsor Newton black Indian ink, and Winsor Newton calligraphy ink in black, and Winsor Newton Gold Drawing ink  .
3.  Clear Ruler
4. Beads craft box
5. 3 different holders; an oblique holder (more on this later), and 2 other straight pen holders.
6. Rhodia blank paper


Today I practiced with the Nikko G, and I really thought it was smooth, held the ink evenly well, and  was very smooth to write with. medium flexibility so it’s great for a beginner. I wrote the “Happy friday” with it. Not bad for a second time practicing… but I know I am far from being any good! The ink by Winsor Newton was great because it was medium thickness, so it distributed the ink evenly when I drew, and the black was very dense. (Perk; it also included an ink dropper so it makes refilling less messier!). I used the clear ruler to draw lines with a pencil to keep me in line. I discovered Rhodia sketch book for my practicing and it’s great, it doesn’t bleed through and it is very smooth to write on.

Just remember to wash your nibs with dish washing soap and warm water when you first get them before you start to draw! I didn’t, because I forgot due to my excitement to start practicing…and the ink did not flow evenly. The reason is it has a anti-rust coat on it which keeps the nibs from rusting, and it also causes your ink to flow unevenly. A D’oh moment for me, but alas, you live and learn!

More soon on Calligraphy my friends! I’ll keep practicing so i’ll have something pretty to show you next time.





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